The story of Gongdreen

About Gongdreen

The story of Gongdreen starts with the experiences we felt in childhood when we were full of curiosity and wonder.

Childhood is generally when we were the most pure and warm-hearted in our lives, and Gongdreen is all about reconnecting people with those familiar feelings.

Gongdreen products provide you with a way out of your everyday routine to experience the purity of childhood once again. The crazier our lives get, the more we need a good mental break.

Gongdreen will take you back to the warmth, dreams, hopes, mysteries, and pleasures of nature, playgrounds, toys, travels, and other treasured childhood experiences.


Gongdreen was established in 2013 .

Gongdreen’s design products were born from the idea that it would be fun and interesting to translate the emotive ideas found throughout fine arts into our everyday lives.

Every year Gongdreen has promoted its brand worldwide by developing practical and fun production for everyday living, as well as regularly participating in overseas exhibitions.

Today, Gongdreen‘s products have been made available in more than ten countries worldwide. Our products aim to tell a story and spread warm feelings all over the world.

About Gongdreen Tea

WelCome to GONGDREEN Tea Room, you can find it with full of curiosity and joy.

The DREAMING Tea is carefully produced by illustrators and designers who like tea and want to enjoy tea time with you .

The DREAMING TEA are designed with reminiscent animals, imaginary colors, love to nature. some of animals are very close to our daily life .we share joyful moment together .

It is the happiest time when our  tea bags or small objects bring you a warm smile.

Creative Team

We are researchers and strategists.