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Design and Design Award

Gongdreen’s ‘Merry Cloud tape dispenser’ got a prize in ‘Design and Design Award’. 공드린의 메리클라우드 테이프 디스펜서가 ‘디자인앤디자인 어워드’에 당선되었습니다. LINK/

10×10 Newest Designer interview

Gongdreen’s   creative director Juhyun Yu’s interview was posted in Ten by Ten’s newest designer section. 텐바이텐의 뉴이스트 디자이너 코너에 공드린의 크리에이티브 디렉터 유주현씨의 인터뷰가 ...

KBS Radio Appearance

Creative director Juhyun Yu appeared on KBS Radio ‘Culture Festival’and talked about Gongdreen’s culture and arts. KBS Radio ‘문화한마당’에 크리에이티브 디렉터 유주현씨가 출연하여, 공드린의 ...