HI, Today Tea : Cat


Size: 82 x 53 x 124 (mm)  Food type: Leach Tea

Ingredient: Pumpkin 24%, Dried Orange Peel 28%, Sword Beans 19%, Mulberry Leaves 10%, Hibiscus 10%, Beet 5%, Stevia 4%

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Size  82 x 53 x 124 (mm)

Food type Leach Tea

Contains 2.1g × 6 tea bags

Ingredient Pumpkin24% Dried Orange Peel28% Sword Beans19%

Mulberry Leaves10% Hibiscus10% Beet5% Stevia4%





HI, Today tea stands for a tea made with Healthy Ingredient for drinking every day.

Its taste is clean and sweetish. As main ingredients are Pumpkin and Sword beans, it’s good for reducing the swelling.



In Mangwon-dong Seoul, we can encounter unexpected pleasures by facing stores and alleys which have various interesting characters.

We also can find lots of alley cats living in Mangwon-dong.

By drawing them as teabag tags, we’d like to encourage people to protect and accept them as neighbor living next to our doors.




Drink Recipe  | how to make a good of tea


Healthy Ingredient Tea | hot tea

01  brew HI, Today tea for 3 min in hot water.

02  Take some instead of coffee.


Healthy Ingredient Tea | Iced tea/ daily water

01  brew HI, Today tea in cold water and put some of ice cubes.

02 Add a slice of lemon or orange in your preference.


After drinking tea, you can take a teabag tag out and use it as a bookmark.


Gongdreen’s Tea-Bag is a fully patent-applied product.
[patent application number: 10-2017-0061922]





designed by Gongdreen | Juhyun Yoo

made in Korea

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