Merry Cloud Tape Dispenser


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Material ABS, Paper Size: Dispenser | 97x57x50mm) Tape | 15 mm x 14 m (masking tape) 100 x 60 x 60 mm (with package) Weight 63 g (with package) Color: White

Merry Cloud Tape Dispenser & Rainbow Masking Tape

[Product information]

Material ABS ,Paper   Size: Dispenser | 97x57x50mm) Tape |

15mm x 14m (masking tape) 100 x 60x 60mm (with package) Weight 63g (with package) Color :White

[Product Component]

Tape dispenser1p, rainbow masking tape 1p

Nature, full of mystique, has the ability to move and touch our hearts.

However, it’s not always easy for people who live in cities to enjoy the great beauty of nature.

So, here’s a tape dispenser and masking tape to help you feel the wonderful nature in your city or at the office.

Make some space on your desk for this post-rain cloud and rainbow themed tape dispenser.

You’ll see this as a lucky gift from nature!

It’s a hand-held tape dispenser because it’s as light as a cloud.

After you finish using the rainbow tape, put in your favorite pretty tape.
The tape could be the Red Sun or the yellow full moon.

It can be used as a cute interior accessory.

Cut a slice of the rainbow and use it where needed.

[Tape replacement method]
You can replace the tape by opening it on either side of the cloud.

3M magnetic tape | 18mm*25m and it looks like this.

Includes one roll of rainbow masking tape.

designed by Gongdreen (류주현)

made in Korea

ⓒ2013 Gongdreen. All rights reserved.


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