Tea filter bag-Cat

In our busy daily lives, It’s not easy to share a cup of tea with friends. Gongdreen made these tea bags to bring some talks in to life, to share little warmth in life!!Invite these lovely animal friends to your teatime! A cup of tea with them will bring you a smile and rest. Used tea tags can be used as a book mark.[/ vc_column_text] [/ vc_column]
It’s not easy to have a cup of tea with friends because of the busy routine.
Gong Drein began to make teabags by creating storytelling in familiar everyday life and sharing small sensibilities. Invite cute animal friends to Tea Time! A cup of tea with cute animal friends will present you with a little smile and room. The used tea bags can be used as bookmarks. The donated tea bag is a patent-pending product. [Vc_column_text]
Invitation 这 可爱 的 动物 朋友们, 一起 喝 一 杯茶!
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