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VivaBoo Tea Infuser_Cobalt


Platypus body 1p, belly 1p, beak 1p

Material Food Grade silicone, Size 70 x 44x 75mm Weight 22g, 43g (package) Color: Cobalt

VivaBoo tea infuser

Platypus swimming in a cup
Tea Time, with the platypus

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Material Food Grade silicone, Size 70 x 44x 75mm Weight 22g, 43g (package) Color: Mint, Cobalt, Brown

The duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed platypus is a unique and rare animal inhabiting eastern Australia.

One day, the designer watched a documentary of platypus and the inspiration of this prduct.

And we made this product because we wanted to see the platypus, which is an endangered species, very closely.

Also the Vivaboo tea infuser was produced in 2015 with 110% funding from Kickstarter.



Open the belly of the Vivaboo tea infuser, fill in with tea leafs and put the tea infuser into hot water.

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Platypus body 1p, belly 1p, beak 1p

The good fragrant tea comes from Viva’s body. The beak of Vivaboo also has a small groove that fixes itself to the cup.

Whether it’s a mug or a tumbler, VivaBoo hangs right inside your cup by its bill. Cute and fun, catch VivaBoo peeking curiously from your cup!

How to use | How to use

01 Open the stomach of the platypus and put the tea leaves.

02 Please immerse the platypus in a cup of warm water.

03 Hang the platypus’ beak in the cup.

Open VivaBoo’s belly and put some loose tea inside.

Hang VivaBoo inside the cup by its bill.

Pour hot water into the cup. Relax with your new pal, VivaBoo!

designed by Gongdreen | Juhyun Yoo, Mijung Kim

made in Korea

Ⓒ2015 Gongdreen. All rights reserved.


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