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Platypus body 1p, belly 1p, beak 1p

Material Food Grade silicone, Size 70 x 44x 75mm Weight 22g, 43g (package) Color: Mint, Cobalt, Brown.

VivaBoo tea infuser

Platypus swimming in a cup

Tea time with platypus

Material: Food Grade silicone Size: 70 x 44 x 75mm Weight: 22g 43g (package) Color: Mint, cobalt, brown

The mouth of a duck, the tail of a beaver, and the platypus with its otter feet are unique and rare animals that live only in eastern Australia.

The designer saw the documentary of the platypus one day. And Vivabu started from the thought of wanting to see the platypus which is an endangered animal close and often. The Vivabuti Infuser was also funded 110% of the kickstarter in 2015.


How to use | How to use

01 Open the stomach of the platypus and put the tea leaves.

02 Please immerse the platypus in a cup of warm water.

03 Hang the platypus’ beak in the cup.

Open the stomach of Vivabuti infuser with platypus and put the tea leaves in warm water.

Platypus body 1p, pear 1p, beak 1p

From the body of Viva come fragrant car. In addition, a small groove in the beak of the Viva, serves to fix the body to the cup. Please hang the platypus mouth on the tumbler in the mug. You can see a cute platypus watching you with a curious eye swiming in a cup.

designed by Gongdreen | Juhyun Yoo

made in Korea

Ⓒ2014 Gongdreen. All rights reserved.


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